Score your athlete on game play.
Add points for great plays, reward epic plays and deduct points for poor plays and mistakes.


Break down play by Period, Shift and Game. Can't remember an entire games worth of plays? 
Score the Play can email all the details to your email address.


Watch a hockey game with your child and let them Score the Play of their favourite hockey player & let them
see the small things that
make them great. 

Score and review

Too much emphasis is placed on scoring goals and not enough on play development. Many young hockey players need to learn how to develop plays not only by passing or cycling the puck at the right time, but by being rewarded for choosing those options, will choose them more
- Instead of your athlete playing to score goals and having that as a measure, this  app will help you as parents to score how they play.

Email the results to your self.

Review to improve performance & understanding.

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Get Involved

Hey hockey mom's & dad's want an easy way to track and remember your players good and bad plays during a game?
Need it to be easy to use and right at your fingertips?
Now you can. With Score The Play on your phone you can log each play and record shifts and ice time. You can monitor good and bad plays and have the ability to email the results to your self for review.

Score the Play will help you show your player the benefits of strong play in all facets of the game.

- Epic plays at the right time or a misplay at the wrong time
- Passing the puck back to the defence instead of taking a wasteful shot from an impossible angle
- Skating with the puck for a few strides to separate yourself from a pack instead of slapping the puck       away to no one. 
-The endless small correct things that your child can learn about the game can be incorporated into you   teaching them with the Score the Play App.  

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